Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Living in a Fashion Video Game World

Things have been bonkers lately with Lactose Intoler-Art. I am back in Tokyo now after going back home for about a month to detach for awhile and recharge my creative batteries.
The lifestyle here in this city is so fast paced, it can be hard to completely adjust, even after spending a lot of time here.
I tell my friends back home that Tokyo just feels fake. I always say it's like I'm living in a Fashion Video Game World...Which sounds awesome, but sometimes it feels a bit disconnected from reality as well.
This disconnect can also be a good thing for the dreamer. I really love the idea of creative people gathering together in a community and creating their own sense of reality.
I feel like that kind of movement is definitely happening in Tokyo. There are so many people that have created a very vibrant, subcultural lifestyle that is so against the grain when compared to the normal, conservative side of Japanese culture.
I think what a lot of people in the west do not realize, is that Tokyo is not actually some thriving mecha where street fashion "reigns supreme", and is openly accepted everywhere you go.
I think the strong "street fashion" culture people often see online is actually a group of kids who find fashion as a means of self expression in a rather conservative culture.
The kids that you see in FRUiTS magazine are definitely not your everyday Japanese business folk. Sure, comments from onlookers may not be quite as harsh in Tokyo as some other global cities, but don't be too quick to assume that these "street snap heroes" are completely accepted because of that.
The fact that a lot of these people are doing what exactly what they want with their own personal style, in a rather group oriented culture is actually something to be admired. They are most definitely going against the grain.
For me, I always feel that there is a weird, cultural twist as well-Being an "outsider" in a culture that pressures people to conform. I definitely get lots of "looks" from people, but that can be both positive and negative. In my mind, I just keep boppin' and feelin' free and enjoying what I do!
I must say though, I have been extremely fascinated with how fashion and art intertwine for a long time. Specifically with fashion as a means of creative self expression.
With that said, I'm not interested in copying Japanese fashion at all (which that would be a bit difficult wouldn't it? I think the fashion culture here is extremely complex anyway), but I am definitely inspired by the stylistically creative aesthetic of people in this city for sure.
I love to try to incorporate my own personal style into what I am interested in at the moment.
As an artist, I feel that art, nostalgia, and even hobbies can all be tangled together with fashion. Fashion alone is definitely not identity for me, but is simply an element and reflection of myself.
Fashion isn't life, but it is a fun part of the bigger picture.
This year, I want to continue to push my own personal boundaries as an artist. I hope to inspire people to be who they want to be, regardless of where they live, if anything. Whether it's wearing a see-through cloud top on a train in Tokyo, or wearing fun, bright red makeup that actually looks like you just got punched in the face in rural Arkansas, do what you wanna do. Don't take yourself too seriously. Life can be your Fashion Video Game.

Cap-Inverted Thrifted Orange Camo hat from Oklahoma.
Sheer Outer Top-Balmung SS14
Long Blue Waffle Shirt-Thrifted
Socks-Christopher Nemeth

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

revasseur Pop-Up store in Shinsegae, Myungdong

Hey Lactose Lovers in Seoul! Be sure to check out revasseur’s pop-up shop in Shinsegae in Myungdong. You can see some of the illustration work I did for some of the clothing for this fun label! Congrats revasseur!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Lactose Intoler-Art x Aquvii Tokyo

Exciting NEWS!
Lactose Intoler-Art Necklaces are now stocked at Aquvii Tokyo!
Aquvii TOKYO【アクビ トウキョウ】
  TEL&FAX  03-6427-1219

(Manager Ari-san wearing her one of a kind Lactose Intoler-Art Necklace!)

Thursday, November 7, 2013

revasseur x Lactose Intoler-Art SS14 Seoul Fashion Week Collectoin

So..I'm very excited to FINALLY spill the beans about a recent collaboration. There is good news from Lactose Lair! I have been working closely with designer Gilda Su of revasseur for her Spring Summer 2014 collection. I have been friends with Gilda via the internet for the last few years. I originally found her blog when she was still at Parson's in New York, and I was living in Oklahoma, hoping to find some blog content to connect to-Someone in the US inspired by Japanese street fashion culture.

Since then, we had met in Tokyo, and followed each other's work very closely. This year, Gilda asked me to illustrate for her runway collection. We had previously worked on a mini scarf collaboration, but this was going to be a much bigger project. I worked from my Tokyo apartment, and sent her several different characters, doodles, and sketches which were directed by Gilda's vision, concept, and inspiration, and then printed and tested with fabrics that were later made into major pieces of the collection.

For this season, Gilda was inspired by "Club Kids" from the 1980s until now, and their extreme form of using fashion as personal expression...But I will leave more of Gilda's inspiration to the amazing write up she posted HERE on her revasseur official facebook page. (You can see all of the runway pictures there too, but here is a preview, and the write up as well.)

CLUB KIDS printemps/ete 2014 (all by Gilda Su of revasseur)

"The idea for REVASSEUR’S Spring Summer 2014 collection came about when designer, Gilda Su, met with some new and old friends from New York, who had been invited to Singapore to present at the Social Star Awards 2013. Known as the Club Kids, they are part of a group of unique characters who are invited to add excitement to clubs all over New York. 

For 3 of the 4 years that Gilda was living in New York, she had interned and later freelanced under Patricia Field’s House of Field, and had gotten to know many of these colourful personalities. It was an introduction to an underground universe that was vibrant, and covered in sequins, and although she was probably the least dressed up and made up, she felt at home. Having chosen a very different path from her friends in Singapore, having felt constricted and pushed into a cookie-cutter at schools, it was a breathe of fresh air for her to experience people who never batted an eyelash and accepted her for whatever she was. 

After returning to Singapore almost 2 years ago, Gilda was starting to feel suffocated, stressed, and confused about her path. Luckily for her, she had gotten to know two rather special people in Singapore, Bobby and Ritz of Butter Factory, who are two of the funniest and outrageously dressed people she has met. However, the difficulties of breaking into the Singapore fashion market with her style of clothes, was starting to take its toll.

At that moment, meeting up with some Club Kids from New York, reminded her of the fun and laughter she had experienced while in New York. She was in awe of their shocking, out of this world, over the top costumes, and once again received a reminder to ignore the naysayers, and do what she loved. 

And so came about her collection for Spring Summer 2014. A colourful collection with prints and shapes that isn’t made for Society, but for like-minded strong, vibrant, and fun-loving people. With some show pieces, these are translated into more wearable pieces, as well as highly contrasting black and white versions for the less adventurous. Working closely with illustratorBrandon Reierson of Lactose Intoler-Art, they picked some of the most interesting and colourful nightlife characters, and Brandon brought them to life through his art. Gilda then worked on their layout and created one of a kind prints that are a highlight in this cheeky collection. While nowhere near as avant garde as the real Club Kids, this collection is a celebration of life, an acceptance of oneself, and done in REVASSEUR’s signature quirky style, that will be sure to delight fans.


big thank yous go out to my assistants, Zoul Zolkarnaen and Christine Lee for slaving their nights away, Vicky Jiyun Lyoo and her team of assistants Katy Kyung-Min Kim for all the support they have given to us, Bobby Luo from The Butter Factory for mixing this amazing runway track, AB Soto for all the energy i needed in a runway song, and Brandon Reierson for helping with the illustrations and giving me exactly what i wanted!!"

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Lactose Intoler Art's Brandon Reierson in TUNE magazine

Hey guys! Excited to share that I am in the current issue of TUNE magazine. TUNE has been my favorite magazine for mens street snaps for a long time now, so I am still like the shocked fan boy when they take my picture. Available all over Japan and Kinokuniya bookstores worldwide

Outfit details!
Pocari Sweat Jacket: 5toy (Hayatochiri)
Shorts: Starstyling
Shoes: Japanese Jikatabi from a Japanese Kimono store
Socks: Christopher Nemeth
Hat: Desperate (Kuro Benz)
Ring: Utakata
T-Shirt: Kinji Harajuku
Accessories (WWJD bracelet, watch, broken framed glasses): 90s used
Bag: Lactose Intoler-Art
Kimono: Used, deconstructed sleeves