Thursday, March 31, 2016


Thank you to everyone who watched the live broadcasting from TBS studios in for the show "Tokyo Extra!"

This time, I was asked to be the host as a crazy-ninja guy!

It was a really fun experience getting to go to a real ninja location, and learn a lot about this historical culture.

Be sure to check out the videos and support-Lots of fun information about Tokyo each episode!

Thanks again to TBS and everyone else involved! :)

Lactose Intoler-Art AW '16-17 Collection

Very excited to share some pictures from the Lactose Intoler-Art Autumn Winter 2016-17 collection.

Inspired by uncomfortable allergies, this season explored everything thing from Japanese pollen allergy embroidered booger noses, to a milk allergy "Pizza-kun" plush toy.

As usual, a nod to personal nostalgia was an important influence in the timeline of this collection as well.
Taking on late 90's/Millennial vibes,  the colors and fabrics are a mixture of childish TV culture from that era, mixed with pop "girl-band-boy-band" vibes.

Look out for this new collection later in the year in stores and online!

Be sure to check out the look book graciously featured on HERE 

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Lactose Intoler-Art on Japanese TV! TBS' "Tokyo Extra"

Very excited to share that I've been able to take part in some episode's of a new TV show in Tokyo, created by TBS called "Tokyo Extra."

"Tokyo Extra" is a TV show, airing in both Japanese, and LIVE on youtube in English.
The show provides insider tips from specialists on fun places to visit in Tokyo.

As the show airs, users can comment live, and at the same time a Japanese version is going on live TV, where Japanese viewers can give their recommendations to a worldwide audience.

I personally hosted an episode about "Nakano Broadway"one of my favorite places in Japan for anything retro and quirky-weird!

Please be sure to follow Tokyo Extra's youtube channel, where you can see previous LIVE streamed episodes, or watch mini episodes of different international creators, bloggers, and youtubers recommending their favorite spots as well. :)

Very excited of this opportunity, and appreciate all of those who have watched!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Lactose Intoner-Art for Rooms Trade Show Chara Chara Area

Lactose Intoner-Art at Rooms was a blast!
After a lot of crazy hard work, 18+ hour days, and midnight typhoon runs to Don Quihote, the event was a success!
Thank you to everyone who came and supported.
It was a pleasure meeting so may different kinds of people from buyers, to press, to fans around the globe...Even the fun granny's that stopped when occasionally passing by! I even met a woman that worked under Klasky Csupo (What a dream come true!)

Lactose Intoler-Art was part of a collective of designers in a space called the "CharaChara" area, directed by "Ichiro" who managed the area, as well as the brand #Dario .The area was toward the entrance of the stadium, featuring designers who use fashion, art, and character culture to create a pop-punch through fashion as the exhibitors and onlookers passed through.
I am excited to share, and was incredibly honored to have been awarded the "Kameyama" award, chosen by the director of the rooms event, himself.
It was a very surreal, yet humbling moment. I will never forget it!
It was funny to see my brand name next to his wonderful cardboard cut out at the entrance of the stadium as well! :)
Thank you once again to EVERYONE was involve and  made this all possible!
There is so much more I want to do, and so much more to learn.
"Fight the good fight, finish the race, keep the faith."
Have fun with fashion!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Pachiko Power

Photography: Kimoken Fashion Photography
Hair/Makeup: Yuka Ishikawa
Mode: Pachiko

YESwave* x Lactose Intoler-Art Dance Performance Collaboration

Lactose Intoler-Art x YESwave* Live Avant-Garde Dance Performance collaboration 
インNew York、ラクトスとYESwave*アバーンギャルドダンスパフォーマンスコラボレーション
Choreographer: Malik Nashad Sharpe
Performers: Stephanie Hewett, Davi Cohen, Shelby Dinslage, Nikki Cella
Sound: Cory Neale
Costume: Brandon Reierson/LactoseIntolerArt
Illustration: Ayaka "EVE" Oguchi
This dance was supported by ShuaSpace in Jersey City, and Otion Front Studio in Brooklyn

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Lactose Intoler-Art for Parco's "Creators Mansion"

ハッピーニューズ、です!(Lactose Intoler-Art for Japanese Department Store Parco's "Creator's Mansion" project. English Below)
Lactose Intoler-Artは、スタート、販売します!
Hey Kidz!
Excited to FINALLY announce it!
Lactose Intoler-Art will be available at Parco Shibuya and Fukuoka stores as part of a collective group of various designers called "Creator's Mansion."
It begins today and will last until July 9th. (Fukuoka will start on the 20th!)
This time there are a lot of new pieces-Nearly 100 different items divided between the two shop, including accessories, "remake" limited pieces, printed illustration on layering pieces, and new oversized bottoms and new silhouettes as well.
Mixing and mashing up one's style with their own personal interests has always been an exciting element of how I interpret Tokyo Street fashion culture. I encourage those who wear Lactose Intoler-Art to enjoy sharing a bit of their story through mixing their favorite pieces with their own personal style!
In the end-fashion is just fashion.
So relax a little. Have fun, and keep it Dairy Free, y'all