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Friday, July 26, 2013

Sugar, Spice, and a Little Head Lice

Creepy Yet Sweet

Su-Su Stacy is Wearing:
Katakana Shoulder Padded Top
Intestine's Clutch
Rising Sun Tights
Platform Jikatabi
Amoeba Ponytail Holder
Fingernail Gloves
80s Deconstructed Rad Bacteria Glasses

The Fly Freaks are wearing:
Purple Amoeba Platforms
Sheer Lilac Flowy Leggings
Plush Monster Shorts
Fly Winged Cardigan
Graph Oversized Vintage Glasses+Matching Graphed Ponytail Holder

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tokyo Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day from Tokyo! Tomorrow I move into my new apartment here in Japan. Sorry for the lack of updates lately, I've been incredibly busy here. More news coming soon!

Lately I've been playing around with incorporating vintage textiles and fabrics into some of my art. I used textiles from a vintage 90s shirt and a much older vintage carrying case as well.

Once I get more settled in I'm planning on making a lot more new art, and hopefully some more product design as well. Thanks everyone for staying tuned!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Fans Wearing Lactose Intoler-Art/イントラートかわいいファン

I recently updated an album of fans wearing Lactose Intoler-Art on the Lactose Intoler-Art Facebook page. Be sure and check it out! Here is a sneak preview.


Top to Bottom:
1. From Australia/オーストラリアから- Sofie, fashion blogger of "The Milk Club"
2. From Koenji, Tokyo Japan/ 高円寺から Kimoken-Koenji Street Snap Photographer
3. From Australia/オーストラリアから-Hayley Hughes, fashion blogger - Fashion Hayley
4. From Tokyo 東京から Mainaちゃん and Maniちゃん
5. From Koenji, Tokyo Japan 高円寺から, Tavuchi, owner of the Spank! clothing shops in Shibuya and Koenji Spank! Blog (Photo credit to Tokyo Fashion www.tokyofashion.com
6. From Harajuku, Tokyo Japan/原宿から-Coi, BUBBLES shop owner Coi's Blog for Ellegirl
7. From Australia/USA オーストラリア/アメリカからHayley Hughes, fashion blogger - Fashion Hayley and I hanging out in Tokyo! Follow me on twitter @intolerart
8. Tavuchi, owner of Spank! Featured in FRUiTS street fashion magazine twitter: @FruitsMag

Wednesday, December 7, 2011 Feature

Yesterday evening I had some exciting fun good news, and some blog error related bad news. I'll start with the good news. My friends at Tokyo Telephone tweeted me and let know that my street snap shots had gone up on I had been photographed in the street in Tokyo when going to Wut Berlin before meeting a friend. It was really fun! You can check out the rest of the photos here at this direct link

Many of you may already be aware of "the bad news" if you follow my twitter or read my facebook status updates. (Sorry about that). I was a bit shocked when I realized that Google+ stores every photo from blogger onto the Google+ account. I noticed that suddenly there were old photo albums in my Google+ account, as I don't check it very often. I found a folder with too many images, so I deleted it. I did not make the connection that if I deleted this album that was on google plus, that it would do what it did. It deleted every single photo that I have ever uploaded on this blog.

It was like a nightmare. I searched all over online, and the best thing I could find was some guy working for google that basically said "if you deleted it, its too late."

Really? I wasn't even using Google+ much. No recycle bin button? No trash folder? No undo? I will say, I believe there was some slight "click ok to permanently delete" button, but again, I just wasn't thinking about it taking away every photo I had uploaded onto this blog separately through various hard drives and locations.

With that said, I apologize for anyone that has been reading my blog recently with a lot of dead images. I stayed up all night trying to upload old images for at least the first page of the blog, as I have some features from other sites going on now and that are in the works that will bring traffic to my site. I will be slowly putting the pictures back up, but don't worry. In the meantime, you can always see my art at the Lactose Intoler-Art facebook page. Or check out my tumblr HERE

I would like to say to anyone out there using new social networking sites, etc that are in BETA. Even if they are from a company like google, be very careful. Everything that I have been working on with Lactose Intoler-Art for the past few years is linked directly back to this blog, and has been. I am truly disappointed in Google+ and will no longer be using it as soon as I know that if I deactivate my account, it won't delete everything I just spent hours uploading again. Sorry for such a lengthy and wordy post, please bare with me as I fix the problem.

On a more positive note, expect more exciting things to come! As I mentioned before, new features, and also new product designs, and as always illustrations as well. For those that have been keeping up, you know I am wanting to feature events, shops, designers, and artists as well. Thank you all who have followed so long, and also those new to following, I really appreciate you!

Monday, February 21, 2011

アートスタイル+Lime Green Lips

This morning at about 4:30AM I suddenly had creative juices flowing through my brain, and I made a couple of new illustrations. They are both kind of inspired by the idea of "Aato-kei", or "Artistic style" as I've mentioned a bit before. Its kind of a concept that I think could do well in Tokyo. I've seen some people with similar style in TUNE magazine, but its very rare. Elements of paint splatters, overalls, late 80's, early 90's, and geometric shapes. Lots of oversized proportions and big glasses, miss-matched, and colorful. Think previous art movements like the early Bauhaus movement and those unique styles you see kids wear that go to art school. These two illustrations do not necessarily match that concept, but they still contain elements of "Artistic Style." Who knows, maybe it will be the next Japanese fashion subculture tribe.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Popeye Magazine Photoshoot

When I was in Tokyo this summer, I had a really fun and random opportunity. If any of you are familiar with Japanese fashion magazines, you may know "Men's Non-No" or "Popeye." When I was in Shibuya, I got scouted to be a model by a guy claiming to work an assistant connected to both companies.

Normally, I wouldn't have been in Japan long enough in order to see if I could stay and do the modeling, but this summer, I ended up getting to stay an extra two weeks.

As I told my host family, they thought it may have been kind of shady, so they called. Next thing I knew, I woke up to catch the early train to Shibuya station, and met at the Hachiko statue. It was weird because there was hardly anybody there compared to the night crowd.

Before I knew it, I was in a van full of Europeans. The 4 other guys had also been scouted, and Magda, the girl from Poland was the only professional model. We made our way to Chiba, and took photos there.

The photoshoot ended up being in Popeye Magazine. It was for BEAMS. It was a really fun day and a great shoot, and I had never done anything like that before. I am the guy with the crazy hair in the front with the huge gray and blue sweater. I was the only native English speaker, everybody else spoke French, Polish, or German.

I know this isn't really related to my illustrations necessarily, but for those of you interested in Japanese fashion (which I know a lot of my readers are), I thought you may find this interesting! I hope you enjoy the pics...It would be amazing is And you can pick up this issue in Japan or online at if I could somehow incorporate my illustrations into a magazine like this, that would be a dream come true.

You can get your copy at any major book store in Japan, or order online at