Saturday, June 25, 2016

coromoza x Lactose Intoler-Art Design Studio Live T-Shirt Event

Lactose Intoler-Art was excited to have a live T-Shirt print event at the coromoza studio in Harajuku.
Customers placed orders for one off T-Shirts-Printed directly from sketchbook illustrations onto T-Shirts right at the Coromoza Studio.

coromoza provides design space for fashion designers, students, and other creatives in Tokyo.
They rent out the space, and have lots of amazing design equipment, including all over fabric printing, laser cutting, and even embroidery.

You can reserve a machine or time to come in and use the studio.
The information is all available at coromoza's web site here, or you can see the original page for the event here
Be sure to check them out if you're a creative in Tokyo. Finding production, sourcing, or even space in Tokyo can be very difficult!

Thanks to everyone who came by and watched or ordered an original piece! Truly a fun experience!

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