Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Lactose Intoler-Art on Japanese TV! TBS' "Tokyo Extra"

Very excited to share that I've been able to take part in some episode's of a new TV show in Tokyo, created by TBS called "Tokyo Extra."

"Tokyo Extra" is a TV show, airing in both Japanese, and LIVE on youtube in English.
The show provides insider tips from specialists on fun places to visit in Tokyo.

As the show airs, users can comment live, and at the same time a Japanese version is going on live TV, where Japanese viewers can give their recommendations to a worldwide audience.

I personally hosted an episode about "Nakano Broadway"one of my favorite places in Japan for anything retro and quirky-weird!

Please be sure to follow Tokyo Extra's youtube channel, where you can see previous LIVE streamed episodes, or watch mini episodes of different international creators, bloggers, and youtubers recommending their favorite spots as well. :)

Very excited of this opportunity, and appreciate all of those who have watched!

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