Thursday, March 31, 2016

Lactose Intoler-Art AW '16-17 Collection

Very excited to share some pictures from the Lactose Intoler-Art Autumn Winter 2016-17 collection.

Inspired by uncomfortable allergies, this season explored everything thing from Japanese pollen allergy embroidered booger noses, to a milk allergy "Pizza-kun" plush toy.

As usual, a nod to personal nostalgia was an important influence in the timeline of this collection as well.
Taking on late 90's/Millennial vibes,  the colors and fabrics are a mixture of childish TV culture from that era, mixed with pop "girl-band-boy-band" vibes.

Look out for this new collection later in the year in stores and online!

Be sure to check out the look book graciously featured on HERE 

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