Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Lactose Intoler-Art for Parco's "Creators Mansion"

ハッピーニューズ、です!(Lactose Intoler-Art for Japanese Department Store Parco's "Creator's Mansion" project. English Below)
Lactose Intoler-Artは、スタート、販売します!
Hey Kidz!
Excited to FINALLY announce it!
Lactose Intoler-Art will be available at Parco Shibuya and Fukuoka stores as part of a collective group of various designers called "Creator's Mansion."
It begins today and will last until July 9th. (Fukuoka will start on the 20th!)
This time there are a lot of new pieces-Nearly 100 different items divided between the two shop, including accessories, "remake" limited pieces, printed illustration on layering pieces, and new oversized bottoms and new silhouettes as well.
Mixing and mashing up one's style with their own personal interests has always been an exciting element of how I interpret Tokyo Street fashion culture. I encourage those who wear Lactose Intoler-Art to enjoy sharing a bit of their story through mixing their favorite pieces with their own personal style!
In the end-fashion is just fashion.
So relax a little. Have fun, and keep it Dairy Free, y'all

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