Tuesday, May 19, 2015

HEIHEI "I Am Not A Doll" FW15 Collection

I was very excited to take part in a very fun and creative photo shoot for the Japanese brand "HEIHEI's" FW15 collection a few months ago.
Inspired by Tim Burton and handmade construction, this collection features several DIY aesthetics from Ragdolls to Christopher Nemeth esque stitching.
The designer Shohei-san is a leader at incorporating clothing that is both relevant on the streets of Harajuku, as well as staying true to his own personal interests.
The baggy silhouettes, for example are very reflective of his own style as well.
I love that a lot of his clothes are unisex, easily encouraged to be worn in such unique ways.
I think a lot of what gets people excited about the idea of "fashion in Tokyo" is that clothes are reinterpreted and made fresh again. Items that people don't want. These pieces are often taken out of context, and made fresh and new again.
This season, HEIHEI is definitely taking his own twists with very "on-point" textures, colors, and shapes. I'm definitely thrilled to see where this brand will continue to go!

*I want to personally thank Tokyofashion.com for featuring this shoot in video form! You can check it out here.

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