Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Josiah Chua x Lactose Intoler-Art "Remake" Collection Collaboration

I'm really excited to announce a long awaited collaboration project with designer Josiah Chua!
Josiah and I became friends after I reblogged some pieces from his graduating collection from LaSalle in Singapore on my tumblr years ago.
He and I ended up moving to Tokyo around the same time, and have became really close friends.
The same collection that started our friendship ended up being stocked at DOG in Harajuku, and the main showpiece from the collection was purchased by Lady Gaga later.
In Japan, Josiah and I both went through very similar experiences. We were working with people in the fashion industry, and trying to manage the language and the daily strive that comes with living in Japan.
Being both "outsiders", in a very "insider" scene and culture, we were able to keep each other inspired and encouraged, with the root of our inspiration being the same...Tokyo!
This collection is a collaboration of Josiah's amazing design skills and aesthetic  and a very Lactose Intoler-Art illustration-inspired style..As if my sketchbook came to life in real garments!
Each of the looks consist of several one-off pieces, and will never be reproduced. The exhibition will be the first weekend in March. Please look below for more information! Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu! :)

Josiah Chua x ラクトス コラボレーションコレックション!
When? 3月の6(金)、7(土)、8(日)!(13:30時-21:00時くらい)
。。ぜひぜひ!ラクトスとJosiah Chuaのオリジナルアイテムもあります。よろしく!:)
The long awaited Josiah Chua x Lactose Intoler-Art Collaboration will soon take place!
WHERE? Koenji's Hayatochiri Gallery alongside the Kitakore Building.
WHEN? Fri-Sun, March 6th through 8th (the first weekend in March!) we plan to be there from around 1:30-9:00pm each day!
This will feature a collaborative collection with several unique looks. There will also be original Lactose Intoler-Art and Josiah Chua items avsislvld as well. Come out and support local indie artists in Tokyo! :)
Looking forward to seeing you all there! Special Thank you to our fun model Holly (@lehua__ ) and creative photographer Lenne (@lenneigh for the original non-illustrated photos as well! 

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