Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Lactose Intoler Art's Brandon Reierson in TUNE magazine

Hey guys! Excited to share that I am in the current issue of TUNE magazine. TUNE has been my favorite magazine for mens street snaps for a long time now, so I am still like the shocked fan boy when they take my picture. Available all over Japan and Kinokuniya bookstores worldwide

Outfit details!
Pocari Sweat Jacket: 5toy (Hayatochiri)
Shorts: Starstyling
Shoes: Japanese Jikatabi from a Japanese Kimono store
Socks: Christopher Nemeth
Hat: Desperate (Kuro Benz)
Ring: Utakata
T-Shirt: Kinji Harajuku
Accessories (WWJD bracelet, watch, broken framed glasses): 90s used
Bag: Lactose Intoler-Art
Kimono: Used, deconstructed sleeves

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