Saturday, October 19, 2013

Lactose Intoler-Art X Hayatochiri

Hey guys! Wow! Sorry for the incredible lack of actual BLOG updates. Life has been a whirlwind of business here in Tokyo. I basically feel like I live in a post apocalyptic fashion video game planet. For those that follow my work even fairly closely have probably seen my updates on Facebook, twitter, instagram, tumblr, etc etc, blah-blah-BLAH!

With that said, I am finally posting on my OFFICIAL blog this evening, to share some exciting news!
I recently released a new mini collection of Lactose Intoler-Art handmade, one of a kind necklaces. Each piece features an illustration printed onto a thick, laser cut plastic. Each piece is worked together by hand, mixing chunky accessories mixed with found Japanese ropes that are used to tie traditional style Obi belts.

Being an American living in Japan, I wanted to reflect an aesthetic and feeling I get by living here. The feeling of being an outsider, but also the feeling of being on some weird inside part of a fascinating community as well.
Oppositely, I am really interested in the idea of other "foreigners", (aka non-Japanese) that appreciate very specific elements of Japanese culture as well.
The idea of people being truly inspired by something, or even obsessed with something out of context is kind of fascinating for me. People appreciating and supporting very specific trends, brands, subcultures, etc away from the core of where that "scene" is actually happening.

I wanted to incorporate the mish-mash of hyperactive trend absorbtion between Western fashion and the Tokyo street fashion culture. There is also a bit of fun nostalgia here which is intended to be fun, reflective, and just awkward.

The first batch of these necklaces are for sale at Koenji's Kitakore Building at "Hayatochiri." I have been a huge fan of the Kitakore building for several years now, and am thrilled to have my work for sale there.

Kitakore has been a very influential fashion icon for me. (? Can a group of shops be a fashion icon?) To me, Kitakore is basically the regurgitation against the very mass, fast paced/fast fashion culture that a lot of Harajuku has now become. Kitakore makes a lot of great one off and truly unique pieces.

Since starting Lactose Intoler-Art, fashion as personal expression has been a key part of what I'm interested in an inspired by. Seeing kids on the street wearing what they like as a form of artistic creativity-Telling a story as they stroll the streets. I am so thankful to have Lactose Intoler-Art available in a shop where those same kids can have access to my art! If you're in Tokyo, give Hayatochiri a swing! Yoroshiku!

Stay tuned for the Lactose Intoler-Art Photoshoot on the next post!

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