Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tokyo Graffiti X Lactose Intoler-Art

As some of you may have read previously, I had been photographed by one of the photographers for Tokyo Graffiti Magazine when I first arrived in Japan. Since that time, the editor had contacted me and asked me what I thought about doing a full page spread. Of course I jumped in at the opportunity! The concept was to choose 8 different looks, each including a denim piece. Only two of the pieces could be used more than once.

This was really fun for me, as it ended up being a bit of a styling test revolving all around denim. I ended up KIND of cheating with some denim PRINT suspenders..But hey, it was close!

Anyway, these are the looks I came up with. The photo shoot was a park here in Koenji which was really fun. I had forgotten that models in Japan usually change in the open, which I hadn't done in awhile. It was really funny because there were lots of Grandpa's and children running around because it was Golden Week in Japan on the day of shooting, haha. There were several times when there were children in the background, and the photographer didn't bother to tell them that we were having a magazine photoshoot, which I thought was really funny but also super polite..Which gets my mind going on the difference between fashion culture in the west and in Japan..but I'll stop there, haha.

Please be sure to grab a copy if you're in Japan!

The Looks:
Look One: Pizza Dinosaur
Denim Item: 90s Wrangler Vest-Chicago Harajuku
Shorts: Vevoropparu from Hayatochiri in the Kitakore Building in Koenji 
Pizza Shirt:
Pizza Socks: Christmas Gift
Shoes Tokyo Bopper

Look Two: Art School Wacko
Denim Item: (Denim print Suspenders, oops)
Sun Visor Hat: Nasir Mazhar
Shorts: 1980s Surft Shorts bought at Kinji in Harajuku
Jeans: H&M bought in Dallas
Socks: Christopher Nemeth
Shoes: Jika Tabi bought in a Kimono Shop

Look Three: Highlighter Hero
Denim Item: 1990s Purple Acid Wash Overalls from "Chicago" in Harajuku
Shirt: 90s Scrubs with sweet Seapunk-esque Sunglass'wearin' dolphins.
Mesh Pants-Dog Harajuku
Shoes Converse

Look Four: Gyuu-kei
Denim Item: Thrifted 80s Mid Waisted Wranglers
Sun Visor Hat: Nasir Mazhar
Cow T-Shirt: Etsy
Ruler Suspenders: Bought in the Plaza District of Oklahoma City
Cow Socks: Christmas Gift from my little sister
Shoes: Tokyo Bopper

Look 5: Bramble Boy
Denim Item: 90s Denim Shirt bought at "Chicago" in Harajuku
Cap-Thrifted Kids All Over Print Camo Hat
Shirt: Nusumigui (gift)
Pants: BUBBLES Original
Lilac Socks: No Brand
Shoes: Jika Tabi bought in Koenji at a Kimono Shop

Look 6: Polygon Power
Denim Item: Black H&M jeans bought in Dallas
Triangle Shoulder Remake Jacket: "WOW Designs" bought at "BOUTIQUE NEOTOKYO" in Shibuya
Shorts: Vevoropparu, bought at Hayatochiri in the Kitakore building in Koenji
Shoes: Converse

Look 7: Sunflowers From Outer Space
Denim Item: Denim Collar
Hat: 00's Stussy Visor 
Shirt: 90s All Over Print Green Sunflower Shirt
Cranberry Shorts: Thrifted
Lilac Socks: No Brand
Shoes: Tokyo Bopper

Look 8: Barney's Best Friend
Denim Item: 90s Purple Acid Wash Overalls bought at "Chicago" in Harajuku
"Remake" Arale-chan Jacket: Bought at Hayatochiri in the Kitakore Building in Koenji
Shirt: Nusumigui (gift)
Shoes: Jikatabi bought at a Kimono store in Koenji.


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