Thursday, June 6, 2013

Kimoken Fashion Photography

Hey guys! I wanted to share some street snaps taken by my friend Kimoken of Kimoken Street Fashion Photography. I met Kimoken a couple of years ago after following his street snaps from the neighborhood I now live in-Koenji. He seems to capture a slightly different crowd of kids than you might see on some of the bigger Harajuku-focused street fashion blogs. Please be sure to check out his blog HERE, or keep up with him actively by liking his facebook page.

Look 1
Hat: Desperate, bought at Kuro Benz in Koenji
Kimono: Bought in Nippori fabric town
Glasses: Used 90's Gold Thin Framed glasses
Shirt: Old 00's Relient K shirt from when I was in high school. (The 2000's has been trending like bonkers on tumblr lately)
Ruler Suspenders-Bought in the Plaza District of Oklahoma City
Dalmation Shorts: Thrifted Pajama Pants that I ripped up into shorts.
Lilac Socks: (No brand)
Jika Tabi Shoes: Bought in Koenji a few years ago and custom painted them.
Tote: Lactose Intoler-Art Yen Chicken Tote

Look 2:
Glasses: Warby Parker
Necklace: From my friend Maina who works at Pinnap in Harajuku
T-Shirt: Cow Print shirt purchased on Etsy
Acid Wash Purple Overalls: Bought at "Chicago" in Harajuku
Jeans: Uniqlo
Cow Socks: Old Christmas Gift
Jika Tabi: Bought in Koenji at a Kimono shop.


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