Friday, April 5, 2013

Lactose Intoler-Art Fans on the Street and Moleskine Doodles

Things have been crazy-go-nuts since I've been here in Japan. Life here is really awesome, but also kind of challenging sometimes. The hardest thing for me personally has been trying to balance my schedule with all of the different things I wanna do here. Time management....I'm either out on the streets or going to events, seeing friends, making new designs, or basically just feeling like my brain is gonna explode from too much of EVERYTHING.

One of my favorite things to do when I'm free is to sit on the side of the street, usually Harajuku, and just sketch. Its great to kind of detach myself from it all and just enjoy the amazing people watching that Tokyo has to offer every single day.

One great (but crazy) thing about walking around Harajuku by myself especially this year, is that I have had some Lactose Intoler-Art fans come up to me and greet me, telling me they have been following my work. I had one really sweet girl inside a vintage shop shop that randomly came up to me and told me she had been following Lactose Intoler-Art for the last 5 years, since she was in Junior High School. It is always such an incredible blessing to randomly meet people on the streets that not only have the same interests as me, but have actually been following my work. I feel so thankful in those moments, but at the same time it really gets my creative gears going, to keep pushing-pushing-push (sorry Salt N' Pepa just popped into my head).

(Aren't these kids just awesome?? Thanks for saying konnichiwa! ) Haha.

So speaking of "brain gears", I feel like my brain is constantly cranking 1000 times per hour in Tokyo. There is always WAY too much to do. I feel like I don't rest much mentally because I'm constantly thinking about what I want to continue to do here. Right now I'm doing a lot of brainstorming and thinking, but in the meantime I just sketch. So here as some quick doodles from my moleskine sketchbook.

(..So Basically everyone in Tokyo is having a bad case of the pollen allergy thing..So here is some Allergy Inspired Fashion for you. Detachable Snotty Noses included!)

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Yours truly,
Brandon in Tamagotchi Land


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