Thursday, November 22, 2012


Happy Thanksgiving to all those celebrating it. Today I feel especially appreciative to all of those that have followed my artwork along the years. I feel like things have gone above and beyond what I ever would have expected with Lactose Intoler-Art already, and like bigger things continue to happen. Some of you have even followed since I first uploaded some of my fashion illustrations to myspace and TOPMAN's online blog. (Fashion Hayley, you know who you are, haha). And I want to thank you for your continued support! Each one of you keeps me inspired to keep pushing and doing what I love. So thank you all!

I also wanted to announce that I am having a small sale in my online vintage shop starting today, because of Black Friday and the upcoming holiday seasons. And for those wondering, my online shop will remain open while I live in Japan, and my items will continue to ship from the United States. I have been super-stocking my store so that there is plenty of stuff available while I am working in Tokyo. There are currently over 270+ items to choose from, so be sure and check them out here.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! どもありがとうございます!

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Melissa said...

I adore this piece of artwork. So beautiful.

<3 Melissa