Monday, July 9, 2012

Platform Power!

Platforms shoes are back, in a huge way. This is nothing new to anyone who has been following Tokyo Street Fashion web sites for the past two or three years, but those trends that start in Tokyo don't always wash up ashore in the western world.

Recently in Japan, its like its 1999 all over again, of course with a unique Tokyo twist. On tumblr you can hardly escape the 90s internet gif references, spice girls images, bindis, and of course "pastel grunge." (What is that really anyway?) Even Jeremy Scott's recent collections are about as "vintage cyber" influenced as it gets.

Its easy for a lot of people to mock a lot of the styles that get started back early. Its kind of like once something is officially "uncool" for everyone, somebody brings it back. Its often people on the street, or subcultural groups that are actually starting global trends, not designers themselves. That's why high fashion culture can be a bit comedic to me at times. For example, people that only wear the current seasons items, thinking they are ahead of the trends, when actually broken down, what they are wearing is heavily influenced by what people in other cities may have even started a couple years before.

Speaking of platforms, trends, etc..I made this illustration of a girl wearing some shoes I'm wanting to share with the world. For those that follow my vintage shop on etsy I was hoping to sell these in my vintage shop. However, etsy says that items younger than 20 years cannot be sold or considered vintage on their web site. So I had hoped to create this image conglomeration, and offer these beauties to the world by sharing it on my tumblr, and someone can direct message me if they were interested. But if the trending "vintage" right now is 1995-99', do you guys think Etsy should possibly reconsider their policy? It kind of goes back to trends starting and changing too fast, and people not being ready to embrace it.

That's what keeps me watching people who wear what they want, because they love it. In my mind, its like, one day a girl in Tokyo woke up, put on her platforms, bopped'-it down Omotesando street, got her photo taken, and before you know it, the world was wearing platform shoes. 

You can do it too.


the fashionate traveller said...

I used to have a pair of purple skechers that looked just like that...only retired them when they were falling apart a few years ago! So glad it's coming back (& I never stopped wearing bindis ;)

Lactose Intoler-Art said...

Haha, that's awesome! I loved it when I came across these treasures. Do you remember when you bought them? I'm curious on the actual original retail date. My guess is late 90s, early 00's.

pixelhazard said...

Such a cute illustration. Get on my neckline

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