Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fashion Blogging-Style Post

(Kimoken Koenji Street Fashion Blog http://kimoken.exblog.jp/)
I had mentioned before in a post that I had considered fashion blogging. I think fashion blogging culture has been a strong force in the fashion field for the past several years. I have hesitated with the idea for awhile of personally having my own. I think it would be fun, but the idea of taking pictures of myself for the world to see could seem kind of pointless...

As an artist, I am constantly inspired by multiple things. Everything is online! It is ridiculous how much blog checking, tumblr reading, and street snap viewing I check when I actually have the time. Its kind of like when I'm having my personal life, I feel like I'm years behind on my "online life", even if I just missed a days worth of content. I think creative people of my generation can relate.

Something that keeps me fascinated is mixing fashion with art. I feel like as a fashion blogger, I have a bit of a different voice.  I think my personal style is a part of who I am, and for me it is not only a way to display current things that I am personally into at the time (refer to my interview by Yoona Ha HERE), but because it correlates with the design work I'm doing. The world is so incredibly "hyper-mixed" these days anyway, so why not incorporate it into fashion?

Does this mean that I actually look and dress like the illustrations I make? Maybe.

Tokyo Graffiti Magazine
So here is the first outfit post. I'm not sure how much I will do this, or if it will turn into more of a tumblr thing, but no matter what, staying creative and continuing to push my own boundaries as an artist and designer is key. Don't worry, this isn't going to become a blog full of posts like "Hey guys, check out these cool Japanese brands I'm wearing" everyday.

With that said...Here are my Tokyo Boppers and Christopher Nemeth socks.

From Tokyo Bopper's Blog www.tokyobopper.com

Hat: Vintage Black Military Beanie
Glasses: Vintage 1950s Navy Topped Horn Rimmed Glasses
Shirt: 90s Cow Print
Suspenders: Smiley Face Suspenders bought in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo,
Shorts: Oversized 80s Acid Wash Shorts
Bag: Lactose Intoler-Art "Lost Dog Of Tokyo" Tote
Socks: Christopher Nemeth
Shoes: "Belly Button" by Tokyo Bopper

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I love this outfit
and your photo on the magazine looks so cool!