Friday, June 1, 2012

Fans Wearing Lactose Intoler-Art/イントラートかわいいファン

I recently updated an album of fans wearing Lactose Intoler-Art on the Lactose Intoler-Art Facebook page. Be sure and check it out! Here is a sneak preview.


Top to Bottom:
1. From Australia/オーストラリアから- Sofie, fashion blogger of "The Milk Club"
2. From Koenji, Tokyo Japan/ 高円寺から Kimoken-Koenji Street Snap Photographer
3. From Australia/オーストラリアから-Hayley Hughes, fashion blogger - Fashion Hayley
4. From Tokyo 東京から Mainaちゃん and Maniちゃん
5. From Koenji, Tokyo Japan 高円寺から, Tavuchi, owner of the Spank! clothing shops in Shibuya and Koenji Spank! Blog (Photo credit to Tokyo Fashion www.tokyofashion.com
6. From Harajuku, Tokyo Japan/原宿から-Coi, BUBBLES shop owner Coi's Blog for Ellegirl
7. From Australia/USA オーストラリア/アメリカからHayley Hughes, fashion blogger - Fashion Hayley and I hanging out in Tokyo! Follow me on twitter @intolerart
8. Tavuchi, owner of Spank! Featured in FRUiTS street fashion magazine twitter: @FruitsMag


mikel fdez. bilbao said...

I'm fckin adoring this

monstrecharmant said...

I love all your designs! They are so adorable :)
I hope you find success soon. You are so talented!!

pixelhazard said...

Love your necklaces. They're so fun! Must get one

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