Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Japanese Streets Special Site Feature

For those of you that follow my Facebooktwitter, or tumblr, you may remember hearing about some of my personal experiences last time I was in Tokyo. One of the most exciting things I got to do was model for Japan Fashion Week. Being a huge fan of Japanese street fashion culture already, I took the opportunity right away once it presented itself!

During another moment of sketching on the street, I was video interviewed by Kjeld Duits, the man behind the Japanese Streets, one of the first street fashion web sites I ever started following.

I'm excited not only to share this video with you guys, but to also feature Japanese Streets for the first time on my blog.

Japanese Streets has been one of my favorite places to go for fashion inspiration in Japan for a long time. I started following it around 2005- When I was first becoming interested in Tokyo street fashion culture. It was great for me, because then, I couldn't speak any Japanese. The English site quickly helped me try to decipher different subcultures of Japan, and even interesting street fashion trends. Just looking at the great photos of unique and visually inspiring people on the street was cool for me! I can specifically remember seeing a photo of a girl with 1980s influenced pastel style, similar to those who are fans of the store "Spank!" Looking back now, I think that if it were not for Japanese streets, I may not have ended up meeting some bloggers, and even friends that I now have and respect who are also inspired by this kind of culture.

As I mentioned, something that has been great from the start of Japanese Streets is that the site is in English. It also has a lot of other strong points that make it stand out for me as well.

Japanese Streets has a great photo archive that allows you to search street snap shots from years past, as well as specific types of clothing, etc. The search engine is very in depth, so users can easily enjoy finding specific kinds of  photos they desire.
Page by page, there are literally thousands of cool, clickable photographs of people on the streets of Japan, which include great detail shots that a lot of other sites honestly lack. There are nearly 30,000 photos on the site, with approximately 3,500 to 4,000 photos uploaded on average per year! It is also amusing, that while you scroll through your favorite looks of people, there is a specific color chosen from that look beside each photo. Over time, this allows the viewer to see what color trends were trending at that time.
Also, After clicking each specific street snap picture, you may notice that there are usually several comments below. This is a great strength for the site, as even the webmaster
himself interacts regularly with his fans.

 I also really appreciate that Mr. Duits seems to stick true to taking photos of people that he knows will work well for the site. Being in English, having a global audience is very important. It is evident to me that this site is great at capturing people on the street that cater to both a Japanese and foreign audience. A lot of times, street snap web sites in Japan end up featuring a lot of the same people over and over again. Sure, these kids are super cool and inspiring, but I do believe there are a lot of other very interesting fashionistas in Japan that often overlooked by some photographers.

Overall, I'm a huge fan of the site, and I've thought of featuring Japanese Streets on this blog for a long time. I am so glad to finally do it! I told Mr. Duits that most of my readers were probably already familiar with his site, but if you have not yet checked it out, please be sure and go to, and have some fun!

Again, thank you to Mr. Kjeld Duits for the video and wonderful photos. *All credit goes to Japanese Streets, and should be used with permission.

 Official Site: Japanese Streets on Facebook:
twitter: @japanesestreets

                     Sorry to quote Lady Gaga, but I kind of feel like "I'm on the Edge of Glory!"


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