Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Full Length Lactose Intoler-Art Interview by Yoona Ha

The other day, I received a very nice email from a fan. Yoona Ha, a blogger and student at Northwestern Universities "Medill School of Journalism" kindly asked me if I would do an interview for her blog. After an exchange of emails, I received her questions, and was more than happy to do it. I could tell by the questions she asked, and in depth information she gave, Yoona was not just asking the typical "so, you like Japanese street fashion?" She had definitely done her research, and I believe she thoroughly appreciates my art. It is always truly exciting to hear from other people that enjoy my work and what I do, and I want to thank Yoona Ha once again for her time and wonderful interview. I also want to thank all of the my other fans and followers who continue to be an encouragement to me! Be sure and check it out the full length interview here:
Photo courtesy of Kimoken's Koenji Street Snap Blog


Fashion Hayley said...

WOW its a great interview. Looking forward so much to meeting you at last in Tokyo this year x

Lactose Intoler-Art said...

Thank you so much Hayley! You know I absolutely can't wait either. I have already sketched out things I want to wear, haha. ;)

maruco said...

The interview is really awesome!
I love to take a peek inside creative people's brains, like yours:)

Though my own fashion style isn't like ones of the girls you draw, I like your drawings very much.
Coz they're really powerful, sweet, cool, and romantic!

You seems to stay in Tokyo now, right?
Hope you enjoy it a lot!