Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Artist Feature-Bunny Bissoux

I had the pleasure of meeting miss Bunny Bissoux during my last trip to Tokyo. We shared some mutual friends, and met at a dinner party in Koenji. After I learned that Bunny was also an illustrator, shooting for her dreams in one of my favorite parts of Tokyo, I quickly found out we freakishly had a lot in common.

Love for super eclectic vintage fashion? Check.
Maintaining an Etsy shop through our family back home over sea's while in Tokyo? Check.
Collector of weird vintage toys? Double check! (Thank you Battle Trolls!)

Ahem..Strangeness aside, Bunny is also a great illustrator and artist. I wanted to do my own illustration of Bunny as you can see on the first and last picture. You better be sure I was going to include the iconic hair bows!

Bunny has a blog, but that isn't enough. Bunny Bissoux basically has every form of online ANYTHING, which is awesome, because you can find her work regardless of what social networking site you prefer!

Bunny is from the UK, but currently residing in Japan. She has worked with various projects, zines, shops, t-shirt collaborations, etc. She even sold vintage trading cards online!

(Purikura POWER in Koenji!)

One thing that I think is cool about her artwork is that you can tell her characters are always obsessing over something. A lover of people with strange fascinations, the illustration style is quirky and fun, but not too childish, definitely with a bit of an edge that is really great.

Be sure and check out more of Bunny Bissoux's artwork online at the following links!

Bunny Bissoux's Official Site-
Bunny Bissoux's Blog-

I am excited to feature this artist not only because I love her personal illustration style, but also because I respect Bunny for making the move to Tokyo, something I am still trying to make happen. Let me know what you think of Bunny Bissoux's work! I'm hoping to continue featuring more illustrators and artists.

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Bunny said...

Thank you so much Brandon!!

This was an awesome thing to wake up to! and love the Battle Trolls tag!!