Monday, December 5, 2011

インタラマンゴ: Intaramango Event in Tokyo- Osaka/Kansai Design Movement

(Art inspired by the event)
When I was still in Tokyo, I went to a really great art/fashion event in Harajuku, Tokyo. It was at Vaccant, a place that normally has zine's from all over the world on the bottom floor, but they often host events on the second floor as well. It was my second time to attend an event at Vaccant, and so far they were both great events.

I realize this is a bit late, but since I have been back from Japan, I've been really busy with the holidays, catching up, and continuing to put new products in my Lactose Intoler-Art Official Online Shop and my Vintage Shop.

I feel like this event was really special, kind of like I can't fully describe it with words or even photos. The event featured very avant garde artists and designers from the Kansai/Osaka area. There was a lot of eclectic, colorful, and remake fashion going on. It was very hand made and crafted feeling, but also incredibly unique. Most of the designers do not have their own shops, but have their work available in select shops.

Outside, there were lots of colorful people, and even a Japanese summer matsuri style parade going on, but with their own artistic twist to it. They were even selling vegetables outside in a tent! It was really cool, because I felt like the design concept definitely included a mixture of old and rural Japan, even though most of it looked like a hyper mix of colorful crafting.

I went to the event with my friend Tavuchi, and we bumped into Mamy-san, the wonderful street fashion blogger behind Mamy's Wonderland who has also worked for FRUiTS magazine, and joined us as well. There were lots of shop owners, designers, etc at the event from Tokyo, and I truly believe that they were all blown away. Once you walked up the stairs of Vaccant to the second floor, it was literally like you were in a dreamland. There were several booths set up, and stuff hanging from the walls, creating a colorful cloud-like atmosphere. It was truly amazing!

It was also fun to bump into Kjeld-Duits, the webmaster behind Japanese streets, and his assistant Anzu-san. She was sporting a Lactose Intoler-Art Tote bag as you can see in the picture below. (ありがとう Anzu-さん!)

Be sure and check out the blog for the movement going on in Kansai. There is so much to look at online through blogs, because quite a few designers were involved. A lot them have twitter accounts as well..I'll leave you to the searching.

Overall, I had a feeling that even the up and coming shop owners of Tokyo really felt like this movement suddenly bursting from Osaka is really special. The Kansai area is definitely a place to watch for avant garde art and fashion.

Check out the Intaramango Blog Here:

MORE PHOTOS Here and on my personal facebook, , please feel free to add me!

**I also wanted to mention, I think my favorite designer/label from the event was "Nusumigui." Be sure and check out the Nusumigui blog HERE. The following photos are all taken from the blog, so be sure and check them out

Lactose Intoler-Art Tote inspired by the event

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