Thursday, December 8, 2011

Double Feature! Tokyo Telephone Interview and Fashion Hayley

I'm happy to share with you guys two recent features I had on two different blogs/sites.

The first I'd like to mention is an interview I did with Tokyo Telephone. Tokyo Telephone is a blog based in Koenji, Tokyo Japan. (One of my favorite areas). The interview features my work, and questions asking me about what inspires me as a designer, etc. You can get more of an idea of what my work is about at a deeper level, be sure and check it out! :)

Also, Rebecca and Samuel are the two people that run the site, and are originally from the UK. I was fortunate to meet with them a couple of times when I was in Tokyo, and they are super awesome people. I feel like they also really have a sense of what's going on with fashion in Japan, and especially with more of a movement that main stream and western Japanese fashion web sites AREN'T focusing on. They really get it, and its not cheezy. They have really great articles and photos all throughout their blog, from underground Japanese designers to the best select avant-garde and vintage clothing shops. Check out the full interview HERE on the Tokyo Telephone web site!

I also would like to thank Fashion Hayley for featuring me on her fashion blog "FASHION HAYLEY" as well. Hayley bought one of my necklace designs, and decided to write about it.

Hayley is originally from Melbourne, Australia, and has relocated in Sydney for work. We met online years ago, because our similar passion for Japanese street fashion. Hayley lived in Tokyo for a long time, and we also have some mutual friends in Japan, even though we haven't met in person yet. I have been inspired by her own personal style as well, so I also wanted to create an illustration for her for the feature.

I would also like to personally thank Hayley, because she was one of my first influential artwork fans, and encouraged me to actually start blogging YEARS ago. She does super amazing styling work, and has worked with various musicians, models, etc as well. She is very talented, and definitely adds a unique twist on the whole fashion blogging culture. I have a great feeling we will meet in Tokyo someday soon! Thank you so much Hayley for the feature.

Tokyo Telephone-
Also, check out "On the Streets of Sydney" a Street fashion/fashion site based in Sydney, Australia. Hayley is the Creative Director/Fashion Editor.

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