Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sweet Streets @ WWA Gallery Featuring Spank! and Chubby Bunny Pop-up Shop

So I've decided I want to slowly incorporate more designers, artists, events, and fashion shows that I am inspired by on my blog. For a long time, I have been showing mostly only my illustration work, design work, products I sell, and vintage from my online shops, etc. However, there is really so much more that interests me as an artist that I really want to share with the world as well.

I just got back from Tokyo last week. So much happened this time and it was an amazing trip. I think I will slowly share about events and things that happened from the trip onto my blog as I get the time. But for now, I want to talk about an event that happened on my way back home.

Some of you might be aware of the shops and galleries in Los Angeles, California known as JapanLA and Sweet Streets. Previously, I had done some work with them, and most recently with JapanLA for their "Kittens and Ice Cream" event, to raise money for charity related to the disaster that happened earlier in northern Japan this year.

Although I was unable to attend the event at that time, I had really wanted to meet the people behind Sweet Streets and JapanLA.

While I was in Tokyo, my friend Tavuchi, the owner of the "Spank!" used clothing shops in Tokyo told me about an event that would be in LA. I decided to arrange a stop in LA on the way back home so that I could attend her event before going home for the Holidays.

The event was held at the WWA Gallery in Culver City, California. It featured a pop up shop collaboration between Tavuchi's shop "Spank!" and the label "Chubby Bunny" by Michelle Nguyen. Both shops/lines include a lot of 80's inspiration, mixed with modern Japanese pop-culture, and a lot of pastel!

Inside, there was a DJ, and lots of art on the walls that matched the concept of the day's show. Lots of ice-creamy bright colors, and a lot of "kawaii." The pop-up shop was in the back of the store, and there was a long line that had formed just to get in and look around the pop-up shop alone!

I think the craziest thing that nobody expected was that as the show went on, a lot of people had to wait outside to get in the building. Apparently there was limited space, and too many guests! As the night progressed, I'm pretty sure everyone got to at least go in and experience it (or at least I hope so!)

There was also a fashion show at 8:00pm. The event began at 7:00 and was scheduled to end at 10:00, but they ended up leaving it open later, so that everyone could join in eventually. The fashion show was great! The entire gallery was suddenly split into two, and suddenly, Tavuchi and Michelle were prancing down the runway, quickly followed by their cute models with matching, similar styles. There was definitely a sense of Pastel Paparazzi in the air!

As the event settled down, I finally got to briefly chat with some of the people that made the show happen. It was great to meet all the people that I had been in touch with online, and those who helped me sell my art in LA. I even got to meet some fans that knew of my work! I was really glad I could meet so many awesome people. I think the coolest thing about the event was just experiencing a subcultural side of Japanese culture being appreciated in the USA. It is interesting to see much of the original concept of "Spank!" came from 1980's/early 90's American pop culture.Stuff that was on sale at Kmart back then. However, the subcultural "Harajuku feeling" of the night was definitely apparent, which of course is rooted in Japanese origin. It was a really nice contrast. I hope LA and Tokyo can keep inspiring each other, because the hyper-mix of cultures that comes out in between is truly awesome.

A cool fan that I got to meet, thank you!

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