Monday, November 7, 2011

アコタビ Platform Tabi Boots



This illustration was inspired by people I saw on the streets of Harajuku. I wanted to add a crop detailed shot to encourage everyone to blow up the minimized pictures on this blog. I feel that there is a more texture and detail that is missed when they are minimized.

Recently, I love the idea of really mixing unique but slightly awkward patterns and textures. It is a bit interesting to see a lot of strange Japanese hiragana and katakana popping up on Japanese "remake" style items. The idea of using Japanese writing instead of English has typically been thought of as a bit unfashionable to most Japanese I believe, but now it is slowly becoming on trend with a more underground street fashion following. Notice the "ス" symbol katakana suspenders.

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TF said...

Love how you put your illustration into the actual photo in Harajuku. :-)