Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tokyo! Tokyo Desu!

***UPDATE! I went back and bought the shoes today, and got featured on the blog again. Thank you! :)
I finally made it to Tokyo! Im so happy to see my friends. Im not going to post a lot on my blog about Tokyo, I want to keep it mostly about my art. However, I wanted to share that I was on Tokyo Boppers blog HERE! Thank you so much!ありがとうございました! Yesterday I went to Harajuku with a friend. I got to try on shoes at Tokyo Bopper, and they took my picture while there. They do a daily picture feed of their customers that come into the store. It was really fun! I didnt think they would have my size, but even though the size translated(?) a bit different, suprisingly they fit my feet! I was really glad. So for anyone outside of Japan that may have been interested in shoes from Tokyo Bopper, dont give up! Measure your feet, and of course, if you happen to get a chance to go to the store, the staff is really helpful! For more pictures, please check out my facebook here.

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Fashion Hayley said...

I hate you so much right now...haha

Aidan E said...

oh my GOD! those shoes are crazy amazing man you should post more pictures of yourself you dress pretty cool or maybe a personal style one?

Lactose Intoler-Art said...

@Hayley..Haha...Im sorry. I wish you were here! Ha. One of these days! And I think they may actually have your size. I wear a 10.5 mens US and they didnt have my size online, but it was so weird..Theyre US 9 or 9.5 fit me? I think they run differently..

@Aiden-Haha, thank you! I thought about doing that, but I cant really invest the time into another blog right now as Im trying to run 2 online shops and promote my work. I appreciate it though! Maybe someday..And if you are interested in my style, I get adds from people that like my blog on my facebook, so you wouldnt be the only person I didnt personally know. :)

Mat said...

that's ace man, hope you did buy them. be great to see more when you take more snaps

Kimberly Danielle Furstenberg said...