Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lactose Intoler-Art Fans!

Hey guys! Recently I had a customer email me a picture of herself wearing a Lactose Intoler-Art tote bag in China, which gave me an idea. I would like for customers who have purchased Lactose Intoler-Art to send me their pictures wearing your favorite design! If I choose to, I may just put your picture on my Lactose Intoler-Art facbook page under my new album "Amazing Fans". Please include your first name, and location, or whatever else you'd like to say!

Have fun with it! ! Also..If you have happened to buy vintage from my Lactose Intoler-Art vintage shop and would like to incorporate that into the photo as well, that would be aweseome. However, I am only uploading photos that include my art somehow. If you want to include yourself in the picture, that's great, but if you only want to take a picture of the product, make it interesting! For example, if you're from Switzerland, maybe you can hold it up to the wonderful Swiss background. Haha. Just have fun, and send those pics to

Or, you can find me on my facebook here. Thanks!

**Also a reminder The $5 off of certain tote bags sale will only last 1 more day on my Official Online Shop. Get it before its gone!

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Mat said...

that's such a cool idea matey!