Monday, June 6, 2011

Tavuchi and Her Bear Bag Illustration

This is a new illustration I did of the awesome Tavuchi, owner of the "Spank!" used/vintage clothing stores in Tokyo, Japan. I'm sure most of my followers are familiar with Tavuchi and her shops if you read my blog often, but if you are new, Tavuchi is a very influential person in the Tokyo street fashion scene. One thing that I like so much about Tavuchi is that she has always stayed true to her concept of late 80's/early 90's cute, with her own personal twist. Many people have become fans of her stores and personal style not only in Tokyo, but internationally as well. It is amazing how when street fashion trends change, she is not defined by them, but still adapts and makes something interesting and relevant to people in Tokyo today. However, she is definitely a trend starter as well, as you can see many people on street fashion web sites and magazines that love what the "Spank!" brand has become, with a tribe of followers who also make it their own. The inspiration for this illustration is the matching green streaks with the green patched bear. I imagine it as an unzippable belt/fanny pack with stuffed animal parts patch worked together. I would love to see someone make it! If anyone does anything like this, I can possibly feature you on my blog, and could even deliver it to Tavuchi for you! :)

Recently, Tavuchi was also photographed by FRUiTS magazine wearing a Lactose Intoler-Art necklace. The issue is the July issue (7/11, no. 168). Pick up your copy locally if you live in Japan, or at Japanese book shops such as "Kinokuniya" in major cities around the world. The Lactose Intoler-Art necklace Tavuchi is wearing It is currently sold out, but please check out my other original necklaces here at my OFFICIAL online shop: Lactose Intoler-Art Online Shop


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Ara said...

this is so lovely!! i love it :)

Austin Wellness Center said...

I like this cartoon is so nice and beautiful.