Tuesday, June 21, 2011


One of the biggest forms of flattery for me when it comes to my illustration work is when the same people that I am inspired by like what I do. Since I have started this blog years ago, I have met so many people that I consider a huge blessing to have come in contact with. Thanks to the internet, the world can connect people with unique interests that would not likely normally be able to meet. I know this is kind of stating the obvious, but just to think that common internet access has not been around for an EXTREMELY long time is a bit crazy.

A great example of someone liking my work that I am also inspired by was when Tavuchi featured me on her blog. Through it, a reader, the lovely Maina-chan saw my work, and found me on facebook. She sent me the sweetest email message and told me she had found me through Tavuchi's blog. Maina's style is really cool, its like the epitome of the type of Tokyo street fashion that I love. After sending several messages in mixed Japanese and English, I am honored to call her a friend!

She sent me a picture that she had taken for some of her friends, and I decided to draw her. I can't wait to go to Tokyo later this summer and meet her in person.

*And to all the readers who may have felt too shy to add me on facebook, send a message, or post a comment..I just want to thank you for following and looking at my art. Feel free to shoot me a message, I have met some close friends because of the internet over the years, so to me its totally awesome! :) Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

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Mnon said...

Oh I wish I could meet you too in Tokyo this summer *o*