Monday, June 27, 2011

Glasses Galore!

For some reason, I've been really inspired by large glasses for a long time. I remember it was not SO long ago that people didn't even wear wayfarers, or oversized shades. I feel like there was a period after all of the decades of detailed and oversized glasses that the trend switched to small, more rectangular less detailed frames. (Late 90's early 00's).

However, I think as the world becomes more connected, and an emphasis on individual style becomes more important, even in mainstream fashion, we have been seeing eyewear trends change rapidly. It is cool to see that on a lot of fashion blogs and street style web sites, you can find unique glasses ranging from the late 1800's to the mid 90's, and they still look cool and relevant because of the way people mix them and wear them.

Even on some of my earlier illustrations, I was really inspired by what some probably considered awkward or tacky at the time, but really big "ugly" "grandma" 80s frames. Although I do believe the trends are always changing, I wonder how long "emphasis on individuality" will be "cool?"

Either way, recently I have listed all sorts of glasses to my online vintage/etsy shop which you can see here: Lactose Intoler-Art Vintage Etsy Shop They have ranged from 1940s green lensed steam punk esque safety goggles, to cat eye glasses, to oversized 1980s artsy grandma, to thin wired 90s glasses. Its fun to try something that you may have considered "out of the norm" at one point, and to just enjoy what you wear.


Kimberly Danielle Furstenberg said...

Yeah, I remember little, rectangular glasses being popular. Gag. I'm glad it's back to huge, oversized shades now!

Good job getting all those listed!

- Danielle

Lactose Intoler-Art said...

Thanks..Yea, I'm glad its not boring rectangles. Haha. I just like the diversity of so many different styles.