Sunday, June 5, 2011

Araschwa Blog+ JapanLA pics

I just wanted to thank everyone who went to JapanLA and attended the Kittens and Ice Cream event. I was glad that my friend Ara was able to go and take pics and report about it. Ara is a friend I met online back in the myspace days through mutual friends and an interest in Tokyo street fashion and culture. She particularly likes vintage fashion and antique clothing, and even told me of some great stores I had missed in Tokyo such as Birthdeath that I had never been to before. She is from Seoul and is an all around talented girl, she can draw, design, speak Korean, Japanese, and English well, and has had experience doing make up for some models in Seoul as well. She is currently studying in the LA area, and I know she has a huge future ahead of her. Be sure and check out her blog Here: "Araschwa." ( again Ara-chan for the pictures and attending the show when I was unable to be there!

And my friend Ara Herself!

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I love this cartoon is sooooo nice.