Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tavuchi+Lactose Intoler-Art Featured

Recently I sent a thank you package to the amazing Tavuchi to her shop in Koenji Japan, to thank her for being so amazing and getting into FRUITS magazine for the second time. The package consisted of 80's treasures and things that I hoped would match her taste that I had found, such as pinback buttons, glasses, and some small vintage clothing pieces as well. I also included a necklace I did that was inspired by Tavuchi's stores and concept, and before I knew it, she was out walking the streets of Harajuku not only wearing the buttons and glasses I sent, but the necklace as well.

Suddenly, FRUITS magazine uploaded an image on their twitter of Tavuchi filling out the form to be in FRUITS magazine. She told me that other sites snapped her as well. So far, Tokyo Fashion ( is the first one online to upload the pictures. Be sure and check them out!

Tavuchi also did a cute mini-photoshoot on her own blog. Thank you! You can access her blog here:

I'm also excited to announce that the official launch of my online store is on its way! There are some items currently for sale, which you can purchase at

I want to thank Tavuchi for not only representing my work all over the world, but for truly liking my work. For the people that I am actually inspired by to like my work is a dream come true. Look forward to more Lactose Intoler-Art in the near future!


Kimberly Danielle Furstenberg said...

A couple of things. First, that necklace does make me think of Tavuchi's shop! And secondly, the picture of that tote bag is super good! Did you take it?

Stefan and I saw a couple of your bags at Blue Seven yesterday!

Marlena said...

Tavuchi is looking cute as ever! I love that necklace you made her.

And thanks so much for following! I'm a big fan of your artwork :D

jo said...

been reading this blog for a while. congratulations! i'm looking forward to further developments.

Kimberly Danielle Furstenberg said...

In response to the comment you left on my blog:
Really? Cool! We should do that sometime when you're in OKC!

- Danielle

Anonymous said...

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