Friday, April 8, 2011

Art Drive Japan | You and Artists Helping Japan-LOOKING FOR DONATIONS

Art Drive Japan | You and Artists Helping Japan

As some of you may know Lactose Intoler-Art is participating in "Art Drive Japan", an online art auction. Art Drive Japan is a charitable project in which the money earned goes towards Japan relief. Right now, I currently have some prints up for bids, and there are many other artists chipping in from around the world including Japan. More work will continue to be posted, so check it out by clicking the link above or going

YOU CAN HELP! Art Drive Japan is still accepting donations at the time of posting, so if you are interested in donating your artwork or fashion items toward the cause, please contact them by clicking the "DONATE ART HERE" link.

-Art Drive Japan is ran by the same people as "Made With Japan", an online arts project supporting unique and creative individuals, brands, and companies that are influenced by Japanese culture.

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