Wednesday, February 23, 2011


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"Sobakasu" is the word for freckles in Japanese. On this newest illustration, I was inspired by that. My sister has always had lots of freckles on her face, and for some reason I always thought that was unique, and really cool. I remember seeing an old section in a Japanese magazine from around 2006 where Japanese girls were drawing freckles on their own faces as kind of a make up trend. I've heard some people say that freckles mean somebody is weak, but for me, I think it is really cute and attractive when girls have cute freckles! So to all the freckle faces out there, this illustration is for you! I also wanted to do a couple of new photo illustrations. The one with two girls on it is at one of my favorite places to walk around and watch people in Tokyo, called "Cat Street" in Harajuku. A lot of street fashion photos that you see are taken right here on this street.

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