Monday, February 21, 2011

アートスタイル+Lime Green Lips

This morning at about 4:30AM I suddenly had creative juices flowing through my brain, and I made a couple of new illustrations. They are both kind of inspired by the idea of "Aato-kei", or "Artistic style" as I've mentioned a bit before. Its kind of a concept that I think could do well in Tokyo. I've seen some people with similar style in TUNE magazine, but its very rare. Elements of paint splatters, overalls, late 80's, early 90's, and geometric shapes. Lots of oversized proportions and big glasses, miss-matched, and colorful. Think previous art movements like the early Bauhaus movement and those unique styles you see kids wear that go to art school. These two illustrations do not necessarily match that concept, but they still contain elements of "Artistic Style." Who knows, maybe it will be the next Japanese fashion subculture tribe.

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