Sunday, January 16, 2011

Made With Japan

Hey guys! I just wanted to announce something that I'm VERY excited about. Right now and in the near future, I am going to be working with a project/web site, called "Made With Japan." Made with Japan is a bilingual web site that features people, places, artists, designers, and shops that influence or are highly interested in modern Japanese culture. The web site hopes to make people aware of a side of Japan that most people may not be used to seeing.

My new section of the web site is up here:

I will be contributing as time goes by. I was excited to get chosen after submitting some of my artwork to them after reading a great article on a store I love called "Nincompoop Capacity."

I am thrilled to be working with Made With Japan. Please continue to check out my posts there and what I'm doing. This is just another avenue to spread my love of this aspect of Japanese culture with the world. Thanks to all who have helped make this possible, I will keep everyone posted.