Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Recently, I've had so much going on getting ready for the art show. I'm so excited, and I have gotten so much stuff made. Its been super exciting getting to spend time just making tons of art. I really get a thrill out of it. I'm still working towards getting my degree though, so I can get over to Japan as soon as possible to live that "live there for at least one year" dream.

In the meantime, I sit in class. I sit in class and doodle. I just sit there and think about design concepts and stuff I can make later. I sketch thoughts, but everything comes out into an illustrated image.

So today during one of my really long classes, I just started thinking about how cool Katakana characters look. For those of you that don't know, Katakana is one of the 3 writing styles in Japanese writing. It is used for foreign or non native Japanese words. I've noticed a lot of the street style sites and conceptual clothing shops have started integrating a little more of Japanese culture and pop culture into things that they are wearing, specifically katakana on bags and on buttons.It could have easily been mistaken for awhile that most of the trends in Tokyo are taken from completely new brands, but more specifically vintage or used American clothing. It is interesting to see how things hit their peak, and then there seems to be a need to shift back to the culture they are part of...Which makes sense to be suddenly seeing anime and Japanese symbols into what many could say is remixed American fashion.

Wow. I didn't mean to go into all of that. I'm writing a research paper on something kind of similar to that, so that's probably why. The point is, with all of this art show/design/nothing in mind, I sketched tons of katakana. And here it is in my art. I hope you like it.

Oh, and I finally got my copy of the new FRUiTS magazine with my bag in it. I was super excited to see the picture of Tavuchi-san holding it...But it was kind of funny because it said in Japanese "Bag: Brandon's." Hahahaha. Too bad it didn't get "Lactose Intoler-Art." I can always hope for next time, right?

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