Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Harajuku Lawson Girls + Fuzzy Bow

My favorite place in all of Tokyo to watch people is on Omotesando street in Harajuku. People pass by here every afternoon in order to get their picture taken. So many photographers from various magazines sit on the bicycle racks, hoping to get the the shots they need. My favorite spot to sit is right in front of the Lawson Convenience store. It is so fun to watch people hanging out, that are totally in tune with the epitome of street fashion culture. Kids dressing extremely expressive and creatively, hoping for someone to take their picture. The illustration I did of the girls sitting on the bicycle rack is inspired by those moments, as well as a snapshot I took when I was in Tokyo last. I hope you enjoy it! (Click to blow it up!)

From my blog "Street Snap Recap!

The inspiration from this next illustration grew out one object. A big bow, that has some kind of old teddybear, stuffed animal type of texture. After that, I developed the whole character around that. I also wanted to include Katakana writing on her somewhere. I've noticed that a lot of the coolest kids in Tokyo are starting to incorporate Japanese characters, whether anime or just symbols, into their used clothing/high fashion style, etc. That's one thing that is so great about Tokyo fashion. Making the uncool cool again, and mixing stuff up like crazy.

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- said...

I have such a big crush on you, you're awesome I love all you works!

taufikmarasabessy said...

lmao, i really like this :)

Corey Lee said...

I love Omotesando too. The fashion and beautiful tree lined street make an awesome atmosphere. Shimokitazawa is more low key, but it's also a great spot to see some cool fashion.

Lactose Intoler-Art said...

I agree! Shimokitazawa is great and MUCH more low key. I guess I particularly enjoy this spot though because even people who might normally hang out in Shimokita or Koenji (which are sometimes cooler than the Harajuku kids, just depending on the person), will still walk in front of Lawson on Omotesando if they're really wanting to get their photo taken.

Thanks for the comments!

Michaela said...

Came across it by surfing on other blogs :-)

Lactose Intoler-Art said...

@Michaela...Thanks, that's great! I hope more people can find my blog and enjoy it!