Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Well, I have been in Tokyo since July 8th. It has been an AMAZING experience as usual.

This post doesnt really contain any new artwork, but some exciting news.

Some of you that are familiar with Japanese street fashion may know of the famous Tavuchi-san. She is the owner of select used clothing shops, and has been featured on basically every well-known street fashion publication and web site. She is famous for introducing American late 80s early 90s style vintage into street fashion culture in a way that is relevant to Tokyo fashion subcultures today.

As some of you know, I did an illustration of her before I went to Japan. I ended up emailing it to her, and she loved it. So, I had a custom tote bag design ordered for her to give as a gift to Japan, because we would meet.

Im glad I did. She ended up showing lots of cool street fashion kids the bag, I was so happy. The coolest thing that happened though was this....

Some of you may know fo the magazines STREET, FRUiTS, and TUNE. They are probably the most famous street fashion magazines in Japan, if not the world. FRUiTS has been a revolutionary part of changing fashion culture in Japan. FRUiTS features pictures of just women on the street, TUNE with men on the street, and STREET featuring international street fashion.

I ended up meeting the owner of all 3 of these magazines, Mami-san. She was incredibly kind and supportive. The coolest thing that happened was she ended up taking a picture of Tavuchi-san holding my bag with my illustrations on it, to hopefully be in FRUiTS! I will keep you guys posted on that status for sure.

I am looking for more and more ways to get my art out to the world. My dream is to sell my designs on products in very select shops in Tokyo, and maybe even around the world. What are you guys thoughts? What is something you would like to see with my artwork on it? Products? Any collaborations? I currently have some stuff in the works. Would like to get your opinions. Here are some pictures from the day I met Tavuchi!


anjj said...

Hi, I've been following your blog for a while now, but never commented...I like how your artwork is progressing, totally love the bag :)

Marie said...

Hey, Brandon:) This is Marie. Awesomeness. Love your arts and photos. Come back to Tokyo so that we can go out with Emi and everyone!

Mat said...

that's just brilliant to hear, what a great opportunity you have had and to hear she loved your work must be super exciting. love your outfit.

queengilda said...

i'm incredibly happy for you!! this couldn't be more amazing!!! woohoooooo!!

Yoshi said...

You're so lukefull to have meet Tavuchi-chan >o<
And It's great for you to maybe be in Fruits and to can share you artwork by this !
I can see your illustrations everywhere, maybe on shirt or mug ^-^

Lactose Intoler-Art said...

Thanks guys! I'm glad you were also excited. I talked later with Mami-san, and she suggested we get dinner in Tokyo sometime. I can't wait!