Friday, August 27, 2010

New Art! I'm thinking Green

This is my first computer illustration I have done since I went to Tokyo. It was really crazy going this long without doing this kind of thing. Hopefully you can expect more soon. I have some scans I may want to do as well.

Also..I appreciate all the comments, readers, and responses I have gotten lately. I'm happy to announce this blog now has over 100 followers! Thank you so much.

My inspiration for this illustration was bold textile print, as well as green. Right now I'm really interested in the mixing of bold print with bold print. I guess my illustrations have always been pretty mixed print with mixed print, but after seeing some great kids on the street in Tokyo, I'm really inspired by creating other options and styes uses really bold prints mixed together that still looks really cool and unique.

I also haven't seen a lot of green in awhile, and would like to see it returning. I recently went to a flea market, and found a great old toy from the early 90's. It was a battle troll "Punk Troll" to be exact. Although I had many battle trolls as a kid, I never had this one. He is almost all black and electric green.
This is him.
As I saw a lot of kids in Tokyo AND Seoul rocking the black 1991, 1992 look..I predict that we will start to see more green mixed into fashion, but toned down with black or gray. I hope you like this new illustration! I'm so inspired right now.


Mónica Vieira said...

Love it! awesome work, I'm such a big fan!

Marie said...

You're back! I'm so happy about the 100 followers... it's just awesome. And thanks for your fabulous pictures again. I personally think your painting skills have got more unique and stylish after all... wow!

Btw, thanks for your lenghthy comment on my blog and I'm sorry that I havent replied to you yet:'( my laptop doesnt work anymore and I can't go online for a long time at the moment...sigh. I have ALOT to tell you though! I'll post some photos from Tokyo tonight, so please check it out:) you should come baaaaack.

Cory said...

Oh man, I remember those trolls, hahaha. Great concept for your blog and your work, your illustrations have a lot of character, I'm surprised I never found your blog until now. Keep it up.

Lactose Intoler-Art said...

@Cory. Thank you so much! I'm glad you like my blog...And yes, Battle Trolls are INTENSE, and a great source for inspiration as well.