Sunday, August 8, 2010


So as some of you may know, I was able to also visit Seoul this summer. It was an amazing trip. Thanks to one of my friends, I got to hang out with the cool Hana of WereThunder, also shop staff at AproGod. He and his friend Hanna are really great. They are deeply connected to the undeground Seoul Street fashion scene. I was so happy to meet them so that they could show me around. He has even been IN Tune magazine! This is my dream, as well as Cracker Your Wardrobe, a Korean influential fashion magazine, numerous times.

Hana also speaks fluent Japanese, and is very interested in Japanese fashion as well. In fact, his girlfriend goes to the famous Bunka in Tokyo, which he also plans to attend later to develop his own brand.

Please check out his blog. Its worth a look for Japanese, Korean, American, or anyone interested in the Seoul underground fashion scene.

I applaud people like Hana, because at least to my perception, it may be a little more difficult to be as avant-garde in Seoul compared to Tokyo. Hana and the people he knows remain true to who they really are, and are potentially a huge part of a growing movement in Seoul. Hana and Hanna, if you read this, it was AMAZING meeting you. I wish you all the best.



All of the following pics are from the WERETHUNDER blog!


Yoshi said...

Love their styles <3
I wish them good luck for their move in Seoul.

Lactose Intoler-Art said...

@Yoshi-Thanks! They were really cool. It really did seem a lot more difficult to pull off this type of style in Seoul compared to Tokyo. They were really awesome!

Yoshi said...

Really ? I did'nt know. They are so brave ! ^^