Tuesday, June 8, 2010

heads+lost art

Today was a free day for me. It was nice to browse lots of sites that give me inspiration. Right now, I'm really interested in design that has kind of a contrast between minimal/simple, but also complicated. What I mean is maybe using minimal colors, peices, but making them really interesting. When using design minimally though, I think its interesting when the minimal that IS used is actually very bold, such as interesting form, bright colors...Etc.

If you'd like to pick my brain as an illustrator, check out my inspiration blog. You can see some of the work that gets my ideas going, and what inspires me creatively. Check it out at http://lactoseintolerart.blogspot.com.

As for now, here is an illustration I did today. I hope you like it! Below that is also another image I found on my computer that I never unveiled to the world.

1 comment:

Yoshi said...

Do you mean that you love the originality in the simplicity ?
Your heads cascade is very funny ^-^