Sunday, May 30, 2010

RIDSNAP Illustration

RIDSNAP is probably my favorite street fashion site on the web. I have personally met the owner and some of the people behind the scenes. I think one of the reasons I love it so much is not only because they capture the coolest styles from my favorite area of Tokyo (Ura-Harajuku), but because the people they seem to take pictures of are absolutely amazing and interesting in some way. They are snapping people that some could say are possibly up to 5 years ahead of trends in the west. That's one thing that's so great about Tokyo. People take style and they are creative with it. Trends are started sometimes by being anti-trend, or just starting something completely true to theirselves and their personality. Then street style sites and magazines like RIDSNAP pick up on this oiginality, and before you know it, all the coolest kids in Tokyo are mimicking these styles in their own way. I hope you guys enjoy this illustration, and be sure and check out if you haven't yet. I check it daily, haha. *CREDIT GOES TO RIDSNAP for the photo.


queengilda said...

you know what, i've been wanting to dye my hair like that for years and i don't know why i never did it. maybe i will, the next time i get my hair coloured. never too late to ride a wave right? hahaha. at least it'll be "new" here in new york.

i really shoulda done it when i was in tokyo.

oh well.

FINALLY replying your email and coming your way tonight!

shasyie said...

kawai~ lol lol lol
love this, and her hair is amazing, super color :D