Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Inspired by Viva H.

Well, I'm going to Tokyo and Seoul this summer. I really can't wait. Recently, I've been trying to find some more good sites for Seoul street fashion. I searched and found a blog for the brand "Viva H.", which is a label I had previously featured on this blog before. This inspiration is somewhat inspired by street fashion in Seoul, and all of those cute Korean girls with the Kawakubo-esque hairdo's. If anyone knows of good sites or good places to recommend in Seoul for art or avant-garde or vintage fashion, let me know. Please keep scrolling through the blog to see my feature on Viva H.!

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Evelina said...

hello, i really like your art :) you probably already know these, but here you go- some korean inspiration!


i'd rec you daily projects (kind of obvious huh?) but it mostly carries expensive brands that you can access in the us or whatever. i've never been to seoul, sadly :| i can't really help you aside from the obvious. there's also this second hand designer shop: http://bartseoul.blogspot.com/ (address is in the sidebar)
also the blog of the owner(?) which is kind of inspirational as well: http://namgungquestiondies.blogspot.com/
it's not a fashion blog, more like a lifestyle/everyday life blog which i myself enjoy just as much for some reason.