Tuesday, May 25, 2010

1920's Punk

Sorry for the lack of posts lately! Been super busy. In some of my free time, I've been really interested in antique clothing style, mostly from sources like the RIDSNAP street fashion web site, which features pictuers of people in Tokyo, and watching part of a 1920's silent film. The inspiration for this illustration is a conceptual street fashion style subculture. 1920's Punk. Flapper punk? Who knows. One thing that I enjoy so much about street fashion in Tokyo is that so many new styles and fashion subcultures are always coming up and evolving. Style in Tokyo is not only cool, it is artistic and creative. I hope you enjoy this new illustration! Be sure and click for higher detail and resolution.


The Demoiselle said...

awww! her shoes are so cute!!!

Yoshi said...

Hello ! I'm one of your new follower !
I love your work, it's original and unique.
And I love the style of the girl on your picture.

QUiD said...

I've been obsessed with 1920's fashion this week! Just bought some old chanel handbeaded trim from that era and can hardly wait to use it on a dress!

p.s. I love that little illustration! She's fab!