Monday, February 8, 2010

RIDSNAP+Lactose Intoler-Art!

New Drawing from my favorite NEW RIDSNAP street fashion photo. Check out to see awesome Harajuku street fashion pics in Tokyo! Thanks RIDSNAP for featuring me on twitter recently! *Credit for photo goes to, of course!


UnoCosa said...

loveeee the illustartion!!! xx

I Say Osei said...


Valerie said...

love this
great blog,follow and comment

Valerie said...

love this, can you draw me
great blog, follow and comment on my

R@!$4 said...

a nice personal style of illustration - did u use illustrator or handdrawn first or sth? I'm posting this set in my new post! wheeeeee
looking for illustration inspirations - still cant draw afteral!:D

nanaaaa said...

omg....just found your site today. You are genius! love every single one of your illustration!