Friday, February 19, 2010

Artist Feature: Nozomi Miyazaki

So I want to possibly start doing more features of my favorite designers, artists, etc, that I feel are somewhat relevant to the blog.

When I was in Tokyo over New Years, I found a great publication called "LIPP" in the basement of LaForet in Harajuku. I instantly fell in love with the cheap illustration/design publication.

One of my favorite artists in the publication was Nozomi Miyazaki. Her quirky character-based illustrations instantly caught my eye. (Maybe because I also do quirky character-based illustrations?) haha

There was a link to her blog which I instantly added, and contacted her right away! We are now online friends, and I am happy to support her art.

She say's that her style is very influenced by American fashion. I feel like we are somewhat the reverse of each other. Me being an American guy doing character drawings inspired by Tokyo street fashion cultlure, and Nozomi-san being a Japanese girl inspired by American fashion. Its just really cool to me!

Her work is very quirky, and really fun! The colors are bright and vivid, but my favorite thing about them is kimo-kawa, but amazing illustration style. This is the kind of art that I really enjoy seeing. She has been featured in various publications as well, and I wish her the best of success!

To check out more of Nozomi Miyazaki, check out the following links..

Official site:
Flickr Page:

Now cut and paste this Koenji gal into your browser! Let her know who sent you if you contact one another. Best of luck Nozomi-san!!! You're great!!



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