Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I Was Featured in an Australian Newspaper!!

So I have an old myspace friend from Australia who randomly let me know she saw my artwork in an Aussie Newspaper! I couldn't believe it! Does anybody know where this article came from, and if so, where I can get it? Did anybody else see it? THANKS!
Does anybody else find it odd that they would print me without asking?


Fashion Hayley said...

Hey it is very common to get printed without asking. I've had a few occasions where my photos from my blog have been in the newspaper without them asking me. It's happened so many times its not funny. Maybe it's just an Australian thing? My friend who studies journalism said that they even have a class about the issue. She said it is allowed to go on but good journalists should always ask first, but sometimes they are just too busy, they have 10 deadlines a day and just need new content constantly.

Fashion Hayley said...

Hey do you know what newspaper it was? The Age is ALWAYS stealing shit from my blog, ha.

Anonymous said...

brandon, it's Lee, Hitomi's friend. they will print you without asking. all of the time. it's actually illegal but the journalists here have found a loophole.

The newspaper this was in? it's called 'the australian'