Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Viva. H!

Today I got a nice email from a new Korean designer, who sent me information on her brand "Viva H!" Noticing how I sometimes feature new inspiration and talent on my blogs, she asked if she could be featured.

After looking at the great designs, I thought "for sure!"

Recently, I have had a blogger friend who has been really interested in Korean fashion, which also got me kind of interested. I like that the construction of a lot of the new Korean talent I'm seeing is similar to that of a somewhat Japanese aestetic, yet more refined, but maybe a little more edgy, too!

What I like about Viva H!'s designs is that I feel like they are very relatable to what is new in fashion right now, especially with the kind of designers I'm watching and keeping my eye on. I love the construction of the clothes, especially the way the peices come together, and the assymetrical balance. Another thing I'm enjoying is the geometry and simplicity of backgrounds within the web site and the email I recieved. I would love to visit the interior of this store if that was ever possible!
Please take a look at these images, and blow them up to get the full effect. Also..Check out Viva H!'s blog here:

Let me know what you think! Also..If you would like to be considered to being featured, please email me. Thanks!


t. said...

ohhh melikes!

t. said...

ohhhh melikes

ARA said...

Hey this is Ara. I know this brand,and i was suprised cauz this model is my friend . she is photographer :) do you remember that i posted my make-up artworks on my facebook? she took them!!!