Friday, July 24, 2009

Style From Tokyo Illustration

So, as you as many of you know, my passions are art, Japan, and street fashion. Today, feast your eyes (jk) on a mixture of all three! I've desperately been wanting to do an illustration from one of my favorite street style bloggers photos. I know some of you guys are already familiar with "Rei Shito", from the "Style From Tokyo" blog. I absolutely love her photos. The people she captures in her photos are not only inspiring for my art, but they take me back to my travels in Japan. I guess it helps me not miss it too much...Or I don't know..Maybe it makes it worse.

Anyway...Here is an illustration I did from one of my favorite photos she's had lately. The photo IS NOT MINE, and all rights belong to Rei Shito, from the blog . I'm showing the image so you guys will check out her blog, and so you can see where I got the inspiration for this latest drawing. I hope you like it! Let me know what you think.

And like I said, be sure and check out Shito-san's blog at

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Arth Akal said...

heya, i was blog hopping and finally landed here somehow.

just wanna tell you that i like your artwork and how you blend both art and fashion.

keep up the good work.