Friday, July 31, 2009



Bobby Whigham said...

these are great! Thanks for your nice comments

Bobby Whigham said...

great work! Keep it up.

Thanks for your kind words

chloe said...

teehee, love everything, especially the shoes! x

Sweet (wersindsie ? ) said...

Hey !

Yes, Lazy oaf is really cool, i like the funny style of their t-shirt and jewels.

Sorry for my text which are only in french, i think i will maybe translate them in english.
Thanks for your compliments.

And of course i like your illustrations (and your inspirations in the same time).

I have seen that you went to Japan, amazing !

I made some dolls and attachments :

If you want to speak i give you my email :

It would be a pleasure !


Lkroya said...

If I were a lady, I would wear those shoes.